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Cashback & Rewards

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Besides traditional promotional methods, such as discounts, coupons, discount programs, and sales, there is another method that recently made its way into RuNet − cashback. A customer buys something at an e-store at the retail price and then gets back part of the money spent or bonus points from the intermediate party that brought the customer to the e-store. In this case, the intermediate party pays the customer a part of the commission fee that it receives from the e-store owner.

How it works

You create a website where you post links to the e-shops cooperating with you under affiliate programs. When doing so, make sure to verify that they support this traffic type. A visitor then logs in to your website, selects an interesting shop, goes there via your referral link and makes a purchase. Once the order status is Confirmed in your Admitad report, you pay the visitor the agreed-upon reward.

Tip No. 1: Make two user balances on your website: "On Hold" and "Ready for Withdrawal". That way, the user will instantly see that the promised reward was credited even before the purchase is confirmed.

Tip No. 2: When mentioning the refund period to your users, use the Hold data for each store. This will help you retain customer loyalty and reduce the number of early refund requests.

Tip No. 3: Don't forget to remind your customers that your cashback site requires cookies in their browsers to be enabled, and attach instructions on how to adjust the settings accordingly in various browsers.

Besides cash or bonus card points, user rewards can also be paid as free gallons of gas at a gas station, for example.

Required tools

  • Use the SubID to keep track of which registered users made a purchase. After logging into your site, each user will receive a unique User ID. This parameter should be sent as one of the SubIDs in the Admitad affiliate link to account for purchases made by particular users in the reports.
  • To automate the process of getting Admitad reports, you can choose from a number of convenient tools, such as Postback URL, unloading reports to an XML file or API.
  • The Deeplink Generator lets you get affiliate links that will send users to the e-store page you need.

Examples of available bonus and cashback systems

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