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Web banner advertising

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Banner advertising is a tool for attracting target traffic by displaying ad banners on the pages of visited sites. Admitad advertisers provide banners of every size. Simply enter their codes on your sites, or, better yet, use Ad Server, which will rotate different banners while choosing the most efficient ones. The banners posted on your site will make you a profit when users that were attracted to advertisers’ sites perform target actions.

Required tools

  • Ad Server is a smart banner rotator that not only rotates the advertising materials, but also selects the most relevant ones given a particular user's characteristics. Most importantly, Ad Server remembers the most effective banners and rotates only them to maximize the ad space efficiency.
  • Use Deeplink Generator to modify a standard affiliate link, which you will receive together with the banner. Turn it into a link that will take the visitor to the e-store page corresponding to the banner content. For example, if the banner advertises T-shirts, it will be much more efficient to send the client directly to the T-shirt section rather than the homepage.
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