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The medical technology company DR SMILE takes on the task of modernizing aesthetic dentistry in France. It is our goal to make the workflow of dental treatments of the future as analogue as medically necessary and as digital as possible. We rely on self-developed and patented technology that accelerates processes and can reduce costs. It starts with the online booking of appointments, which is by no means standard, extends to the 3D visualization and the control app for ongoing therapy. The dentist remains indispensable.

The first product that DR SMILE started with is our Aligner Therapy. The therapy is offered from 1590€, depending on the degree of deformity and the individual duration of treatment - well below the previous usual price. Further business areas are in planning, for example teeth whitening, veneers and professional tooth cleansing.

Our partner program gives our partners the opportunity to advertise our products - the main goal is to book an appointment on our website. Booking an appointment includes a consultation and - for our aligner therapy - a free 3D scan.


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