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In March 2020, Equinox Holdings Inc. —in partnership with Equinox, the high performance lifestyle leader—debuted Equinox+, a first-of-its-kind platform powering two products: the Equinox+ mobile app and the SoulCycle at-home bike. Equinox+ provides you with unlimited access to the unrivaled collective powering your pursuit—wherever you are, whenever you’re ready.



The transformative, award-winning SoulCycle at-home bike bridges physical and digital, and puts your body, mind and Soul at the center—always. Powered by inspiration, joy, and heart-pounding playlists, the bike delivers an experience that moves you—from the comfort of your home to the front row of the SoulCycle studio. The SoulCycle at-home bike is available for $1,500—and guaranteed to be delivered in 1 to 3 weeks. Financing options are also available, making the bike more accessible to a wider audience. With an Equinox+ membership of $40/month, you get unlimited access to live and on-demand SoulCycle classes on the bike—and classes from other industry-leading brands on the Equinox+ app.


Sleek. Smooth. Soulful.

Footprint - Length: 62.2”, Width: 22.2”, Height: 53.5” Weight - Bike: 128 lbs; Bike with touchscreen: 142 lbs

  • The internal wiring system creates a sleek and seamless look.
  • A revolutionary sound system was specifically engineered for this bike. Oriented toward the rider, the speakers create a surround sound environment during every heart-pounding workout.
  • The 21.5” high-res touchscreen is complete with sweat-resistant and anti-glare coating for a crystal-clear viewing experience.
  • A fourth fit setting extends handlebar depth to 4.25”, offering a comfortable experience for a diverse set of users up to 350 lbs and between 4’10” to 6’10”.
  • The Stages power meter is used by professional cycling teams and ensures consistent and accurate power data.
  • The narrow carbon fiber belt drive delivers a quiet ride—making the at-home bike perfect for an early-morning rooster class, when the rest of your house is sleeping.
  • Designed with a wider base and adjustable feet for maximum stability during every tap-back, push-up, sprint, and climb.
  • The steel, commercial-grade frame was topped off with a gray powder coat for an ultra-sleek finish.
  • If you want to clip in and ride to a different kind of cinematic production, you can tap into the “Free Ride” feature to stream your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+—or simply ride to your own beat in “Freestyle” mode.


Promote and drive sales of the SoulCycle at-home bike & its accessories.

  • What you'll do: Promote the SoulCycle at-home bike to high intent users and direct them to our website to purchase
  • Commission you'll earn: Commission is earned on bike sales only, default commission set at $100 per bike sold. 
  • Payment details: Found under "Program Terms"

CATEGORIES: Health, wellness, fitness, stationary bike, at-home fitness

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