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The revolution of Cosmetics is here!


We're Freshly Cosmetics a natural, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty brand!


Our mission

Our aim is to accelerate the world's transition to natural, healthy and sustainable cosmetics. For this reason, we create vegan, innovative and sustainable products that improve skin health effectively.


Natural products

You'll find products made using +99 natural ingredients, developed using safe and non-toxic ingredients that provides amazing results. You'll love the textures and scents of our products. All our products are suitable for sensitive skin. You may find the percentage of natural ingredients in each product page.


All our products are vegan. We never use any ingredients of animal origin. We love animals and we love taking care of them!


Sustainable packaging

The packaging we use to send our products is innovative and sustainale. And the packaging we use for our products are made out of glass, aluminium, cardboard and wood, so you can reuse and recycle them!



We're leaders in innovation applied to natural cosmetics. We formulate and develop ground-breaking products, with extraordinary results and with textures and scents that you'll want to use every day.



We offer free delivery always and it'll take between 24-48h to arrive to your home.


Our best sellers:

Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser

Golden Radiance Body Oil

Glow Edition Body Oil

Hyaluronic Body Serum

Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum



Commission: 8.43% new customers | 7.49% repeating customers

Campaigns assets with attractive offers

Guarantees and returns options for users

Average cart value: €35

Target: women between 25-34 years old



We're looking for the following types of affiliates to join our program:



Promo codes


Loyalty / Groups                                                                                             



Updated websites with quality content.

The appearance and design of the website.

Traffic sources

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Affiliates can only use the assets and promotions made available via Admitad. Affiliates cannot promote any other offer in our name that has not made available to them via Admitad. Those sales will not be approved.




Freshly Cosmetics are natural products, formulated using safe and healthy ingredients that provide real results. Therefore, we will only approve quality affiliates and that deliver consistent content on their websites.


Affiliates sharing political, sexual or illegal content are prohibited.

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