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Hawkers is an international sunglass brand that offers more than 400 different sunglass models every season. Round, square, large, small frames ... A large catalog with which to reach any target audience thanks to its segmentation possibilities. Our great collaborations, such as Paula Echevarría, Steve Aoki or BALR give us a clear notoriety in the sector. In the coming months we will also be working with prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses.

The program aims to maximize Hawkers' sales across channels. For this reason, we provide affiliates with exclusive models, offers, documentation relating to the quality of our glasses (lenses and frames), product feeds in different languages, a link generator that directs to specific models and world-famous collaborators. which make the brand attractive to different socio-demographic targets. In addition, we count on the support of other brands in the group, such as Northweek, which complete the offer, the catalog and the collaborations.

Hawkers is a brand that caters to all audiences, although our most frequent target is people between the ages of 20 and 40. Hawkers' average ticket is slightly above € 40. Fortunately, we sell our product all year round, with a seasonal peak during spring and summer and during Blackfriday and Christmas. Our flagship products are the glasses from the One and Warwick collection with all their variations of colors, materials, frames and lenses.

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