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Program information

HBO Max is a premium video on demand subscription service (SVOD) that offers its subscribers the complete seasons of world-famous TV shows: Game of Thrones, The Sopranos or Sex in the City to modern classics such as Euphoria and Succession. In addition, HBO Max includes premieres of other studios, and a selection of films, not only Hollywood productions but also films of international, local and independent studios production. HBO Max Affiliate Program HBO Max exclusively launches its affiliate program with Partnerize with the aim of getting new subscriptions for its video on demand subscription service. We invite to our program all those affiliates who can help us reach new users from their audiences and convert them into HBO Max subscribers.

Allowed types of traffic:

  • Content
  • Display Advertising
  • Discount coupons
  • Email Marketing
  • Cashback/loyalty
  • Influencers.

Rates in the program depends on each GEO.

Restrictions and considerations


Before you start working with HBO please review the program T&Cs for affiliates noting the following restrictions:

•        Affiliates must not bid on the name of the brand or misspellings in any search engine. More generic brand name bids are also not allowed

•        Affiliates must add as a negative keyword in their search engine marketing campaigns the HBO Max brand or any misspellings

•        Affiliates should avoid appearing in HBO Max-related searches because they are bidding on keywords in broad match settings

•        It is not allowed to use graphic material (banners, images, logos) not authorised by the HBO Max Affiliate Manager

•        Affiliates will only be able to use the material made available to them through the Partnerize platform (textlinks, banners). Any other material or content about the brand must first be validated with the Affiliate Manager

•        Partnerize may request changes to the content of affiliates and affiliates must respond and make changes within a maximum period of 24 hours

•        It is not allowed to use discount coupons that have not been given express permission through the Partnerize platform. It is forbidden to use non-authorised discount coupons from other affiliates or promote any coupons extracted from the HBO Max CRM or other digital channels. Any unauthorised use of coupons will have those sales invalidated.

•        Affiliates cannot carry out activities that can intervene in the correct allocation of commissions such as site under, pop-ups, pop-under, cookie dropping among other activities

•        It is not allowed to publish content about HBO Max or any of its products where information is provided to the user that is misleading or false.

•        Creation of domains that include the name of the brand or misspellings that try to falsely represent the HBO brand before users.

The sending of email marketing must strictly respect the privacy policy of the users and it must be mandatorily specified that it is not HBO Max that sends the email, but that the affiliate must be correctly identified. Affiliates must also comply with all local laws and regulations regarding the targeting of consumers by email.

Please note that in addition to complying with the Specific Terms of our program, you must additionally comply with Partnerize's General Affiliate Terms and its Code of Conduct.

HBO Max may suspend without prior notice any affiliate suspected of violating the terms and conditions of the program.

Penalties for non-compliance with the terms and conditions may cancel the affiliate's commissions in the program and lead to immediate expulsion.


Brand Guidelines


In the documents section you can find our brand guidelines. The most important thing to keep in mind:

•        Whenever you use our logo make sure you use the HBO Max logo never HBO alone.

•        When you name us in your copy you should always refer to our service as HBO Max never as HBO.

•        Whenever you use images you should make sure they are official.

•        You must name the rights to use the image.

You can always consult us before using a material if it conforms to the brand guidelines.

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