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Program information

1. Our mission

At HelloBody, we believe that the key to beauty is naturalness. This is exactly what our claim #naturalisglamorous stands for: We are convinced that people who are completely themselves and accept themselves with their supposed imperfections shine most beautifully.

You can find out more about our values ​​here: https://www.hellobody.de/ueber-uns/

2. Our product philosophy

At HelloBody, the careful treatment of people, animals and the environment forms the basis for all our decisions. Therefore, out of personal conviction, we do not use certain ingredients such as parabens, silicones, mineral oil or microplastics.

Since the well-being of animals is very important to us, we are clearly against animal testing and of course we also comply with the applicable European standards.

In addition, all of our products are tested by the independent Dermatest Institute in Germany to guarantee our high quality standards. So far, they have only been awarded the top grade “very good”.

You can find out more about our products here: https://www.hellobody.de/unsere-produkte/

3. Our Company Data

- We are the fastest growing beauty brand in Europe with over 130 employees (founded in Berlin in 2015)

- Young, mostly female community (mainly between 18 and 35 years old)

- Instagram HelloBody Germany: 400k followers (over 1 million worldwide)

- Our German newsletter has more than 500k subscribers

- Our brand ambassadors include Leonie Hanne (3 million followers), Sarah Harrison (2.7 million followers) and Sylvie Meis (1.4 million followers)

- We stand u. for authenticity and diversity, body positivity and female empowerment

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