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Program information

Internxt is an open-source, zero-knowledge, fully end-to-end encrypted cloud storage suite based on absolute privacy and security.

Internxt lets you choose what to store and share. The service doesn’t access your personal data or files for any reason. It is designed to give you back control over your files and protect you from data collection and advertising companies.
Internxt’s three primary services are Internxt Drive, Internxt Photos, and Internxt Send. Drive allows you to upload and share files. Photos let you upload, sync, and share pictures. Send encrypts and transfers large files up to 5GB to anyone.

Internxt’s Primary Services & Free Online Tools


Lets you choose what files to store and share. Our service doesn’t access your personal data or files for ad purposes. Instead, it is designed to give you back control over your files and protect you from data collection and advertising companies.


Is a secure app for storing, viewing, and sharing your favorite videos and photos.


Securely encrypt and send any file to anyone (whether they have an Internxt account or not) in no time!

Internxt also offers three amazing tools free of charge:

Password checker

Find out if you have a strong password with our safe, secure, and private password checker.

Virus Scanner

Scan any document, image, pdf, or other file types. Make sure your files are safe and free from viruses before you open them with Internxt’s zero-knowledge Virus Scanner.

Byte Converter

MB to KB, GB to TB or MB to GB, and much, much more. Find out how many Gb in a TB or how much cloud, phone, or drive storage you really have left with Internxt’s free Byte Converter.

Internxt Plans & Pricing

Internxt offers free, monthly, annual, and lifetime plans for users. Business plans are also available. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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