KitchenAid DE

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  • EPC 19$
  • Approval rate 74%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 Tage
  • CR 2.1%
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Program information

The KitchenAid website proposes high quality small household appliances. From the well-known Artisan food processor to the powerful hand blenders, not forgetting the kettles and coffee machines - with the wide range of products you can become a professional in your kitchen. Can't think of any recipe ideas? is also a real source of inspiration for this. Visitors can find dozens of recipes there and easily filter them based on their preferences or the device they want to use. Of course, the website also offers information on all the new products in the range.

Affiliate Program Goals

The goal of the affiliate program is to make the website better known and, of course, to increase sales of small household appliances. To this end, the KitchenAid team provides visuals, banners, newsletters and other resources for use by affiliates. There are also promotional codes to be passed on.

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