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Program information


We encourage you to participate in the new LINK4 motor insurance program.
The remuneration in the program is PLN 20 for each correctly completed contact form.

LINK4 Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA is a leading, constantly developing company on the Polish insurance market. It came about thanks to offering Polish drivers a new, convenient method of car insurance over the phone or the Internet, i.e. direct motor insurance, which aroused great interest and attracted customers. Since 2009, LINK4 belongs to the RSA group - a leading insurer in 130 countries around the world. Based on its 300 years of experience, LINK4 is constantly transforming its products and services, adapting them to global insurance standards. Thanks to this, the company offers its clients a wide range of insurance products, as well as many opportunities to reduce the premium, which makes it extremely competitive on the insurance market.

Benefits of working with LINK4:

The possibility of settling all matters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under one telephone number.
Quick help - if necessary, LINK4 reaches the customer in 30 minutes.
The customer himself decides where and when the appraiser is to come to evaluate the damage, where to repair it and how to settle it.
The customer does not lose the discounts on third party liability and motor insurance, even in the event of a breakdown.

By validated deep leads, the parties mean all leads (users) with whom the Client managed to contact and submit an insurance offer by phone or leads (persons) who concluded an insurance contract through a special tool located on the Target Website. The commission is charged only for a new one.

The exact definition of a Call Back lead and settlements (LEAD2) -  By validated deep leads, the parties understand all leads (users) with whom the Client was able to contact and submit an insurance offer by phone. The commission is charged only for a new one.


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