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Program information

PAKAMA Athletics is a german company.
The perfect description of our products in one sentence is: "The gym in your backpack".
You can do over 500 exercises with the tools in the backpack and thus have a viable alternative to the gym.
Additionally we have a workout app with nutrional programs!
The following video describes the PAKAMA backpack:

The Pakama Bag 2.0 is currently in offer: 149€ instead of 199€, the bag includes the 10 tools that make possible practising every type of exercises and working out the full body. Furthermore we give a free trial in our workouts' app in which there are personalised training and nutritional programs.
The Pakama XXL Bundle is 168€ and it includes 3 month access to the app + 1 month of access to the nutrition sistem.

The Pakama Bag weighs only 2.4 kg, it is waterproof, with smart and beautiful interior with room for notebook, clothes and much more.
With the tools of the PAKAMA bag it is possible to train strength, endurance, mobility and stability. it is highly efficient to work out at home and outdoor.

The bag contains in its inside:

In the PAKAMA App there are coaches motivating and programms lasting several weeks that helps to achieve the fitness goals.
There are different workouts for each part of the body.
All the exercises are explained in details so the app it is perfect for beginners too.

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