Plush For Her [CPS] IN

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  • EPC 538$
  • Approval rate 88.9%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 Tage
  • CR 4.6%
  • Avg. hold time 65 Tage
  • Average payment time 85 Tage

Program information

Company Description - Plush is a new age femme care brand with a kinder to the skin and planet commitment towards its products. They truly believe that Plush is heralding the influx of comforting period care in India, and beyond. Comforting period care no longer needs to be myth or wallet piercing, and 50k plus customers stand testament to that. That being said, this isn’t about their revenue or metrics, but a much larger industry-defining revolution, which is the rising spending power of the middle class, without a brand that speaks to them directly. It’s a 100M+ target audience, and the recognition of their customers every day as an emerging brand surely furthers its internal validations as they scale toward the mission. With their brand ‘Plush’ - they want to be part of a woman’s endeavors and her successes; in short, be the cushion she sleeps on, so she can wake up her strongest. If you’re a relentless optimist and team player, you will fit right in. They aim to be a small, tight-knit group with a deep appreciation for the bold and the curious.

Campaign Description - This is a Cost per Sale (CPS) campaign where the publishers need to drive in sales at Plush's website

Target/Region - PAN India

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