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With more than 160 stores throughout Italy, you can find the AudioNova Italia store closest to you.

AudioNova Italia is part of the Sonova group, a Swiss multinational world leader in the production and distribution of hearing aids. The Sonova group is currently present in over 90 countries around the world with over 3,300 Hearing Centers.

1. AudioNova Italia Expert suppliers of acoustic solutions

In all AudioNova Italia stores, our hearing care professionals offer cutting-edge hearing aid fitting services, including the sale of hearing care accessories and products.

When it comes to choosing hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and hearing protectors, our customers benefit from attractive warranty conditions and services. In addition, our clients benefit from free hearing tests and professional advice on hearing protection, as well as on cochlear implants or hearing loss in children.

2. Hearing aid accessories

In our AudioNova Italia Online Shop, there is a wide range of high quality products for hearing aids. Whether it's accessories, care products or hearing aid batteries, our shop has everything your hearing aid needs to perform and last longer.

With our wide range of products, customers can clean and maintain their hearing aids themselves. This will help keep them in top condition. Our batteries provide high performance and long life. All other accessories such as remote controls, microphones, TV connectors complete the offer, making our hearing aid increasingly versatile.

3. Professional ear protectors or for everyday situations

Exposure to noise can occur in any situation both in traffic and doing DIY projects. If exposure occurs even for a long period of time it can lead to hearing damage. Proper protection is important to prevent hearing loss over time. In our online shop you can find earplugs for every area of ​​life: whether for sleeping, for work or for leisure. Some products have special filters: these provide even better noise attenuation while maintaining good sound quality.


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benefit from 100% transparency

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