Suta [CPS] IN

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  • EPC 1001$
  • Approval rate 81%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 Tage
  • CR 2.2%
  • Avg. hold time 79 Tage
  • Average payment time 94 Tage

Program information

Company Description- Suta is the most humble product we meet and live with every day. It means thread. Su- Sujata and Ta- Taniya were elated when they discovered the magic of the syllables in their names.The brand SUTA is a fresh design house that centers on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. Suta’s crafted inspirations pay attention to details and the designs add elegance, boldness and grace. 

Campaign Description - Suta provides opportunity for the publisher to earn commission every time a customer purchases any product from Suta website  through admitad's affiliate link.

Target Geo: India

Cookie time: 30 Days.

Allowed Traffic: Mentioned in the traffic sources tab.

Validation Cycle: 45 days

Tracking: Online (shopify)

Objecive: To generate sales for Suta campaign.

Brand Stop Words - Suta, Suta sarees, Suta pvt ltd 

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