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Admitad GmbH was founded on October 1, 2009. Its first version took 7 months to develop and the system was officially launched on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market.

We cooperate with 1 621 advertisers worldwide, promoted by 729 227 publishers, with a total of 5 000 000 targeted visitors a day. Our monthly turnover growth is about 15-20%. We know the affiliate program segment inside out and are happy to share the latest insights on the key aspects of CPA marketing.

Admitad Events

Why cross-border e-commerce business have to invest in CPA marketing

CPA is known as an effective model of cross-border e-commerce promotion and sales stimulation. This marketing model shouldn't be underestimated when an ecommerce business plans its penetration in the new foreign market and takes strategical steps. The affiliate network Admitad is a reliable business partner if you plan to expand your marketing globally. The article is available in Chinese.

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At the start of Ramadan: That's what Etailers need to know about consumers from the Gulf region

In the month of fasting, the turnover of online shops in Arab countries increases by up to 24 percent. This is shown by the figures of the e-commerce analysis "Annual Report 2017/2018" by Admitad. The affiliate marketing network also reveals what foreign online retailers in the region need to look out for. The article is available in German.

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With Google Chrome Ad Blocking Changes, Affiliate Marketers Had A Tough First Quarter – Here’s Why They’ll Now Be Pushed To Innovate

Igor Gubin, the Head Of Business Development at Admitad’s International Publisher’s Department explained how Google Chrome Adblocking changes pushed affiliate marketers to innovate.

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How Affiliate Marketing Publishers Can Take Their Game To The Next Level

If you’ve already seen some success as an affiliate marketer, how can you ride this positive wave and bring your marketing game to the next level? Igor Gubin, Head Of Business Development at Admitad’s International Publisher’s Department, outlines how he’s seen some of the most successful publishers excel.

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2017: Admitad Highlights

The main Admitad Highlights for 2017 now available in Chinese. In 2017 Admitad demonstrated significant (2,5X) growth in various indicators.

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Admitad Highlights 2017

Admitad: integrated results of our global work in 2017. The article is available in Chinese.

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Admitad Highlights 2017 (available in Chinese)

This article contains the key results Admitad achieved in 2017 along with CPA 2018 Trends and other important sales data.  The text is available in Chinese.

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It’s Game Time: How Publishers Can Cash In On The 2018 FIFA World Cup In Russia

What does this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia mean for affiliate marketers? It’s clear that it will be game time for them; publishers stand to significantly benefit from running campaigns in industries related to the games. With that in mind, Admitad shares valuable tips on a few industries to consider working with, and how best to monetize traffic running your ad campaign.

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Alexander Bachmann: one of the TOP-50 online marketing Rockstars

Alexander Bachmann, the founder and CEO of Admitad shares the story behind his company along with plans for its development and expansion. The article is available in Chinese.

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Affiliate Industry Unites at Admitad Expert India

Admitad India, a leading affiliate marketing company, held its first edition of Admitad Expert India, an internationally renowned business event, organized annually by Admitad. The event was attended by over 120 participants and had an array of speakers from leading companies like Nykaa, Jabong, BigBasket, CashKaro, DesDime, FirstCry, to name a few.

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