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Admitad GmbH was founded on October 1, 2009. Its first version took 7 months to develop and the system was officially launched on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market.

We cooperate with 1 597 advertisers worldwide, promoted by 675 957 publishers, with a total of 5 000 000 targeted visitors a day. Our monthly turnover growth is about 15-20%. We know the affiliate program segment inside out and are happy to share the latest insights on the key aspects of CPA marketing.

Admitad Events

How Affiliate Networks Are Making It Easier Than Ever To Make Money Online

Now more than ever, affiliate marketers are enjoying their moment in the digital advertising spotlight. Despite its humble beginnings, the platform has now grown into a powerful sales channel leveraged by businesses ranging in scale from single-product drop-shipping ventures to ubiquitous global brands.One such contender is admitad, a prominent player in the European market that has aggressively expanded its offering to Asia and North America in recent years. 

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How to start working with Admitad AliExpress Program

Official Extended AliExpress Affiliate Program from Admitad is here and is available with AliPlugin. Now you can start working directly with this program instead of using Portals AliExpress.

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TAG Inaugurates New Era of Transparency in Digital Advertising with First Hundred Companies Approved for TAG Registry

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, today opened a new era of transparency in digital advertising as it announced the first hundred companies to be approved for participation in the TAG Registry. TAG Registered companies have been verified as legitimate participants in the digital advertising industry through a proprietary background check and review process powered by Dun & Bradstreet and approved by TAG.  admitad was included into the initial group of companies approved for the TAG Registry. 

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admitad expert

admitad expert - an event for the CPA marketing professionals from Russia, the CIS and Europe. Every year, in a relaxed atmosphere experts discuss important issues of individual cooperation. Meet new people, live chat with advertisers, top partners, and admitad team, reports, successful case studies and fruitful networking.

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admitad company became a partner of AKIT

admitad joined the community of successful and honest e-commerce  market participants - AKIT

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Admitad Invest invests in Blinger

Investment fund admitad.Invest signed a deal to invest in the Belorussian service Blinger, which is designed to optimize communications between companies and their clients in messengers.

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Admitad joined the list of the top-rated ad networks

Admitad takes the 16th place according to the AppsFlyer Performance Index, indicating the best ad install networks for the Android worldwide app promotion

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admitad joined The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC)

admitad is happy to become a partner of The Association of Internet Trade Companies. AITC is an important driving force in promoting collaboration and constructive dialogue between cross-border e-commerce. Special attention is paid to the development of interaction with other countries.

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We’ve launched an investment fund

An important event in the life of Admitad. On March 18, 2016 during our annual party admitad lounge 2016 we introduced a new project, an investment fund —

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admitad lounge Party

admitad lounge - an annual party for business partners and friends. The event has been held for the fourth consecutive year and gathers under one roof top partners, advertisers and webmasters AdmitAd, to hang out in full and blow up Moscow night!

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