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Admitad GmbH has been operating in the market since 2010. Throughout this period, we have grown from a small office with a staff of 10 to a large team of over 100 employees based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, Switzerland, and Germany. Let us introduce ourselves.

Alexander Baсhmann, Founder

Alexander Baсhmann

Admitad GmbH Founder and CEO. Alexander has been working with the Internet since the age of 15. He started out by developing his own websites and ways to make money from them. Alexander soon become one of the Top 10 publishers in Germany, where he remained for several years.

Currently he develops tools for the Admitad affiliate network, gives consultations to advertisers and publishers on affiliate marketing, as well as on developing new business models for CPA marketing and the launch
of related projects.

Many top Admitad publishers have received personal tips and advice from CEO himself, helping them to reach a net dollar profit in tens of thousands
per month.

Alexander is a devoted fan of the Audi brand and the Mechta (Dream) Cafe in Moscow. Alexander Bachmann has just one hobby − his job. This is what he devotes all of his time to, including on weekends, holidays, and even rare vacation times.

Maxim Volokhov, Chief Products Officer

Maxim Volokhov
Co-founder, Head of Admitad Invest and new projects. He's been working with Information Technology since he was 14, taking part into different online projects and creating his own ones. His favorite topics are advertising technologies, e-commerce, content projects. He has a great UX and online marketing experience.

Maksim practices in-depth improvements of the system, searching potential directions of development. He supervises internal and joint projects of the company.

He spends his free time with family, sports and books.

Yekaterina Bibik, Head of the Advertiser Department

Yekaterina Bibik

Yekaterina has two degrees − one in marketing and one in business management. She has been with Admitad since its first days in Moscow − July 2010.

Yekaterina is a true Admitad veteran, her professional way has been going with the company throughout the entire course of its rapid, bold development.

Currently Yekaterina is the head of the Advertiser Department, where she resolves many issues that arise when connecting new customers, as well as challenging situations with advertisers.

Yekaterina is always available to provide advice on developing your advertising program. In addition to her primary responsibilities, she answers for maintaining the team's positive mood and the employees' drive. In her free time she enjoys traveling and practices sports.

Alexey Terekhov, CMO

Alexey Terekhov

Before joining Admitad, Alexey worked with data retrieval and search engine promotion and also was a publisher working with affiliate programs.

Alexey became a significant part of the Admitad team as PR Director in May 2013. Alexey Terekhov organizes free Admitad workshops, Admitad events (Admitad Lounge, Admitad Expert etc.), and is a speaker at professional conferences. He also manages Admitad's advertising campaigns and
special projects.

You can consult with Alexey about any issue related to Admitad, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser. Alexey is always happy to help solve the problem. He spends his free time with family and enjoys spearfishing and scuba diving.