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Another successful browser game has started at admitad.



OverKings is a new exciting massively multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG). Here the fantasy meets legends and the legends become reality. The bravest, the strongest and the smartest heroes will become the rulers of the world. Magic and sorcery, strength and agility, wealth and adventures - all of this is yours. You will enter the world of bloody conflicts and epic adventures. Enjoy the possibility to become a Hero and to find glory and honor.

OverKings allows a new look on the flash games. Here you can become a great mare or warrior, smith or tailor, politician or robber, diplomat or assassin - a wide array of possibilities is waiting for you. You can travel the magic world with other players, fight side by side with hordes of monsters or challenging other players. A detailed PvP system allows players to fight each other and prove their glory with strength in the world of this online game. Begin with gathering a clan and build a mighty empire!

Sales regions:

United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada


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