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The affliliate program "Kapi Hospital" startet at admitad and pays every valid registration with 0,50 EUR.

The affiliate program Kapi Hospital:

Brilliant doctors, curious diseases and funny therapies: This is Kapi Hospital!

Clear out your hospital, build different rooms and heal patients in there!
Each disease can be treated with an appropriate drug, but of course it is not about standard aches and pains! From traditional hair breakage to exotic problems such as jug ear infection and gallstones nothing seems impossible in this wacky hospital.

Let your users participate in a lot of fun and benefit from the popularity of the free browser game Kapi Hospital!

Registration for Kapi Hopsital is free for your users!

Sales regions:

Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland


Any valid registration is paid with 0,50 EUR.

If you have further questions to the affiliate program or to admitad, feel free to contact our support at

We wish you continued success with admitad,


Your admitad team

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