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I'm a social media user, blogger, site owner, or media buyer and want to work with top brands from around the world.


I'm a company owner or market analyst and want to attract new customers and boost sales through online advertising.


How it works

An advertiser is a company eager to advertise its product on the Internet and increase sales.

A publisher is a person or company that introduce an advertiser’s products to the audience and lead end customers.

Admitad brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them find each other. We provide work tools, training, and consulting services.

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Compliance and security

We carefully monitor the quality of publishers' and advertisers' work, track orders from all types of devices, and comply with European laws on protecting user personal data. Our mission is to make the online advertising market transparent.

I want to know more about how Admitad verifies advertisers, tracks orders, and protects my personal data.


I want to learn more about how Admitad protects my brand, blocks suspicious traffic, and monitors the security of personal data.



1 March 2021 News

Admitad acquires Tapfiliate

Late January, Admitad acquired Tapfiliate, the Dutch subscription-based Saas-platform where advertisers can manage their affiliate programs on their own. Tapfiliate will keep its brand and management. What is Tapfiliate? Tapfiliate is a SaaS-platform where brands can develop affiliate campaigns on their own accord — choose...

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12 February 2021 News

Not so global anymore: what happened to US digital market in 2020

The year has not been easy. Global pandemics, extra changes in the data safety laws. We have seen multiple trends rising across the year. Finally, we are at the year’s end. What did it teach us? What to expect? Admitad US would like to share...

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2 February 2021 News

How to monetize on Telegram

2020 was a year of messengers. 2021 began with a surge in Telegram popularity. Last week it became the second-most downloaded app in the US. How can publishers benefit from it? As the Telegram founder Pavel Durov said, 25 million users joined Telegram in three...

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22 January 2021 News

Dual-channel attribution: strengthen your opening channel with Admitad

What is more valuable: the first acquaintance with the brand or a sale? We believe that all types of traffic are useful and important. So, in order to increase the number of contacts with the user, we are announcing a new feature for our advertisers....

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