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$5.1Btotal sales in 2020

I'm a social media user, blogger, site owner, or media buyer and want to work with top brands from around the world.


I'm a company owner or market analyst and want to attract new customers and boost sales through online advertising.


How it works

An advertiser is a company eager to advertise its product on the Internet and increase sales.

A publisher is a person or company that introduce an advertiser’s products to the audience and lead end customers.

Admitad brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them find each other. We provide work tools, training, and consulting services.

Trusted by

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Compliance and security

We carefully monitor the quality of publishers' and advertisers' work, track orders from all types of devices, and comply with European laws on protecting user personal data. Our mission is to make the online advertising market transparent.

I want to know more about how Admitad verifies advertisers, tracks orders, and protects my personal data.


I want to learn more about how Admitad protects my brand, blocks suspicious traffic, and monitors the security of personal data.



7 June 2021 News

Dragon Boat Fest 2021: higher rewards for Chinese Marketplaces!

China’s Traditional Dragon Boat Festival does not only spark joy in the citizens of the Celestial Empire, but also in everyone who loves online shopping. In a week, Admitad launches the annual Dragon Boat Fest too. And you know what that means — higher rewards,...

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2 June 2021 News

Immediately “yes” : offers and traffic sources with the fastest approval

Approval speed is one of the most important factors for a webmaster. The sooner the brand confirms the lead, the sooner it will be possible to put the newly acquired capital into circulation and earn even more. Admitad Affiliate analyzed how fast this process is...

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28 May 2021 News

Eco-week at Admitad: developing healthy habits and learning to consume wisely

A careful attitude to the environment is a relevant issue in modern society. We at Admitad support ecological initiatives: for example, at the end of April, the company had an eco-week. In this article we share our impressions. Less sugar and more steps  From the...

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13 May 2021 News

New Feature: Publisher Notification Center

Admitad Affiliate team is proud to present our Notification Center. Now, publishers can get quick messages about our hot events, affiliate programs, and updates — all without leaving their accounts. Why notifications are a thing “We know how critical it is for Admitad Affiliate publishers...

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