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Ad space types

Website. Select this type if you own a content website or a blog and are able to insert our code there.

Social networks. This ad space type includes social media apps and communities. Some of them support teaser advertising.

Mass e-mail sending. Feeling like a postman ready to generate traffic with mailing lists? Then this is your type.

Contextual advertising. Employ this type if you plan to use contextual advertising systems such as Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct.

Doorway network. Select this ad space type if you own a website network generating traffic for specific search queries.

Arbitrage agency. For publishers using a number of less popular user traffic generating systems.

YouTube channel. Select this type if you are a vlogger and are going to promote affiliate programs to your viewers.

DropShipping. Select this type if you sell products of popular online stores using direct delivery.

Messenger — select this type, if you are going to use public channels in messengers to generate traffic. If you do not know how to get a channel link, read this article


Beginner — I do not know anything about affiliate marketing and have no experience in this area, but I really do want to figure it out, so your help will come in handy.

Basic — I have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing, some experience and stable income, but I want to develop my skills and learn other ways to earn money.

Advanced — I have a lot of experience in working with CPA networks and using different traffic sources. I already know how to earn money, but it would be interesting to learn something new.