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Why Admitad?

We think you’ll find Admitad different from any other affiliate network you have used.
Take a minute to read about the Admitad advantage and why you get “more” with us!

More than 1 600 Affiliate programs

Our enormous range of affiliate programs means that you can find ones perfect for your traffic profile. Many of these programs have their own bonus systems. Become one of the best publishers and start earning even more rewards!


Over 140 advertisers have chosen Admitad as their exclusive affiliate network! No other network is able to offer you access to their affiliate programs.


Our publishers have access to a huge number of useful tools: Ad Server, SubID, Postback URL, ReTag, discounts and promo codes are just the small part of our arsenal.
These tools help to boost your conversion rate and unlock statistical insights. They can also suggest new business models appropriate for you.


We always go out of our way to build relationships with promising, diligent publishers. If this describes you, we can offer a dedicated representative who will be responsible for handling all your questions and concerns.

As your personal point of contact at Admitad, this representative will advocate for your interests at negotiations with advertisers, in addition to helping to develop solutions for any situations that may crop up. Company representatives are always ready to share experience and advise you on how to grow based on your business model.

Direct contact with Advertisers

We regularly bring top publishers, Admitad managers and advertisers to the negotiating table. Publishers get to personally know the advertisers they work with. Negotiate exclusive terms and decide whether you want to take part in additional advertising campaigns.

These meetings are held as part of our Admitad Expert and Admitad Lounge events, which offer a unique opportunity for interacting in an informal setting.


Affiliate marketing is driven by statistics. That is why we make our reports so clear and comprehensive. We provide a huge range of data in logical, useful form.

To collect even more granular statistics, try adding SubID tracking to your links to analyze impressions, clicks and actions with amazing detail. All Admitad reports can be exported to XML and XLS for use with external software, including Excel. You can also feed this data to your system via the Admitad API or our Postback URL tool.

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