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Social media is an excellent source of target traffic. For example, Facebook has over 720 million visitors daily. To attract traffic from social networks, you can buy targeted pay-per-click or pay-per-view ads, post paid publications in communities, or post ads in your own group.

Targeted advertising is an especially efficient method. Because social networks provide detailed information on users and their interests, you can fine-tune the target audience parameters before posting an ad. This will enhance the efficiency of impressions and the conversion rate because the ad will be displayed only to potentially interested users.

If you have your own popular communities or know how to use targeted advertising in social networks, then our tools will let you monetize them more effectively using the CPA model.

Required tools

  • Domain Parking: creates affiliate links containing your domain name.
  • Deeplink Generator: lets you get affiliate links leading to the advertiser page you need, such as the sellout page.
  • Coupons & Deals give you the promotional codes of all the advertisers cooperating with you. Post coupons & deals info on your community wall.
  • SubID: mark affiliate links from various ads using SubID tags and use them to tell which ads are profitable and which aren't when reviewing the reports.

Examples of VK communities with sales

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