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  • EPC 1 344 р.
    EPC es una ganancia media de 100 click
  • CR 3.7%
    CR es la conversiόn, la proporción de acciónes a clics
  • CR por 48 horas 3.30%
    CR es proporción media de acciones a click en últimos 48 horas.
  • Está confirmado 90.00%
    Porcentaje de confirmación de la acción, calculado por el mero de acción.
  • Cookie lifetime 30 días
    Tiempo, a que el usuario será atado a cookie después del tránsito por banner.
  • Tratamiento medio 28 días
    Promedio de tiempo de procesamiento
  • Promedio de tiempo de pago 29 días
    Promedio de tiempo de confirmación y pago de acciones

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  • estadísticas detalladas y herramientas útiles,
  • Los pagos express sin sobrecarga adicional,
  • Diversidad de programas de afiliación,
  • Confianza 576381 de publishers,
  • etc etc.

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Anywayanyday - is an international online service for buying tickets and booking hotels. With the help of an effective system and user-friendly interface can service as quickly as possible to book the most suitable to him tickets and hotels, as well as to pay them in a convenient currency. The company works with a wide range of customers: private and corporate clients, hotels and Internet portals. Anywayanyday offers users a program of accumulation of bonuses and special offers for each category of customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Our service is looking for you flight options from 800 airlines and 330,000 accommodation options in hotels all over the world
  • 3 minutes - the average time it takes to search, select, and purchase tickets for
  • Our call center operates without breaks and days off. It will help you solve any problem related to your order.
  • There are no hidden charges and conversions, you can immediately see the final price of your order.
  • Do not want to miss out on a lucrative ticket? Book and pay for it later. Free tickets can book any client who has made at least one purchase on, - only need to log in.
  • Exchange and return tickets - quickly and more quickly
  • Through support - on request in a private office
  • Online sharing - through their own personal account


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Reglas generales

Benefits for Webmasters

  • Ability to use widget!


  • Technical documentation for installing mini-site to an embodiment located
  • Follow the instructions above, webmasters should as a Partner ID insert the word «Admitad» - this is very important, otherwise we will be difficult to count them sales.

It is important to webmasters on their side when installing the widget / mini-site also inserted our mandatory yutm tags:

In the case of the widget:

? utm_source = cpa1 & utm_medium = cpa & partner = cpa1 & utm_campaign = widget & cpa1 = {} code webmaster

? utm_source = cpa1 & utm_medium = cpa & partner = cpa1 & utm_campaign = mini-site & cpa1 = {} code webmaster

  • We offer one of the highest fees in the sector of online-travel paid for the ticket order - from 1.5%
  • Popular and sought after product that provides a permanent and stable income.
  • Working with well-known brand, high traffic conversion, and as a consequence, increased monetization of your site
  • Fast confirmation orders
  • Team Anywayanyday interest in partnering with webmasters, and a willingness to consider the various proposals and suggestions on the work.
  • A wide range of promotional materials, including the variety of unique widgets that will optimally match the design of your site
  • Regions - Russia and Ukraine.

Doorway traffic:

  • Do not use doorways with automatic redirect, so called "black" and "gray" doorways
  • It is forbidden to use second-level domains with the mention of the trademark Anywayanyday
  • It is forbidden to completely copy the structure and design of the main site Anywayanyday, so as not to mislead visitors


  • It is allowed only by individual agreement with the administration of an online store Anywayanyday and admitad (you must write to support or to your manager before applying for work with an affiliate program)
  • It is prohibited to SPAM;
  • it is forbidden to allow illegal mass mailing through icq, social networks, mass placement of links, etc.
  • It is forbidden to do news on behalf of Anywayanyday;
  • Below email there should be a block which explains on the basis of what the client received this newsletter and how he can unsubscribe from it.

Minus words:

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