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Avtoprokat Many GEO's affiliate program - is one of the leaders of Russian online car rental market all over the world.   

  • works in a rental service since 2008. Today is one of the leaders of online car rental service in Europe and provides with a wide range of services in 150 countries.
  • A company has at least 3-4 rental service providers in every city. It ensures a high level of customer service.

A policy of is:

  • We are with a client at the time of booking, during usage and after renting a car.
  • Our clients can always feel secure, as all questions related to booking and renting are solved by specialists with extensive experience in rental companies.
  • Only our company has 24-hour phone support.
  • The site of our company is arranged so that a client receives a maximum of information about a future lease.
  • Note that our call centre is active and if you do not find the answer on our home page, you will receive a response by phone on all the questions. Our operators know the answers to all the questions.
  • Because of cooperation with hundreds of rental companies that are leaders in both the world and local market, provides a wide selection of cars of all classes and finds the best offers for your trips.


Join the Avtoprokat Many GEO's affiliate program now!

Reglas generales


  • brand-bidding (you can use rental companies' brands)
  • doorway pages
  • adult

Benefits of

  • high rate (for this segment)
  • wide selection of cars in 150 countries of the world - your user will find exactly what he needs
  • our company is betting on the search for cars at the lowest price which is available today for the user
  • user support with a call center
  • provision of individual conditions for webmasters


  • the program works according to a "revenue share" model and in a "Order amount" field a commission of an advertiser is transferred, from which 60% goes to an affiliate.
  • orders will get final status (approved or canceled) only after finish of car rental (due to number of days and order amount can be changed by customer in time of renting).

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Motores de búsqueda de marca Prohibido
Publicidad en redes sociales Permitido
Tráfico incentivo Por acuerdo
Barra de herramientas Permitido
Teasers Permitido
YouTube Channel Permitido

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