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  • EPC 10€
    EPC es una ganancia media de 100 click
  • CR 2.38%
    CR es la conversiόn, la proporciόn de acciόnes a clics
  • CR por 48 horas 1.06%
    CR es proporción media de acciones a click en últimos 48 horas.
  • Está confirmado 52.00%
    Porcentaje de confirmación de la acción, calculado por el mero de acción.
  • Cookie lifetime 30 días
    Tiempo, a que el usuario será atado a cookie después del tránsito por banner.
  • Tratamiento medio 84 días
    Promedio de tiempo de procesamiento
  • Promedio de tiempo de pago 84 días
    Promedio de tiempo de confirmación y pago de acciones

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"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for Aliexpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website, so that a users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help center.

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  • estadísticas detalladas y herramientas útiles,
  • Los pagos express sin sobrecarga adicional,
  • Diversidad de programas de afiliación,
  • Confianza 590938 de publishers,
  • etc etc.

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As one of the world’s leading non-bank foreign currency supplier, Travelex has been the trusted name in travel money for over 40 years. Promoting Travelex on your website gives your visitors access to a trusted service that operates in major airports, retail outlets and banks around the world.

Earn commission on trusted Travelex Products  

Currencies: Currencies: We trade over 45 currencies online, meaning your visitors will benefit from our competitive online preferential rates.

  • Assets available: Variety of banners, text links, rate feeds, interactive widget

Travelex Money Card: A platinum contactless prepaid travel card that can hold up to 10 currencies simultaneously. Check your balances and load currency on the go with our easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Assets available: Variety of banners, text links, rate feeds

Travelex Wire: Low cost money transfer solution that is on average three times cheaper than leading money transfer providers.

  • Assets available: text links

Travelex’s Affiliate Programme

Promote Travelex on your website, and earn commission on each sale we make to your visitors. The more they purchase, the more you earn. It’s that simple!

An optimised programme:

  • Frequent incentives and promotions tailored to your type of audience.
  • Access to up-to-date and modern promotional material.
  • Personal advice and support from a dedicated affiliate team.
  • Fair and competitive commission rates.

Flash Currency Promotions

Occasionally, we offer attractive, ‘happy hour’ rates to our customers. We’ll tell you about these in advance, so you can promote them on your website.

Reglas generales


Please see the terms and conditions on the Travelex Affiliate Program:

PPC guidelines:

  1. You are not permitted to bid on Travelex branded terms on search engines such as Google and any other paid-for listings partners. This includes the Travelex brand name and brand name misspellings. We will ask you to put the brand terms in broad negative match.
  1. We would also like you not to bid on the following

Travelex Blacklisted keywords










travelex Currency Exchange

travelex Foreign Exchange

3. We do not encourage affiliates to bid on any of our competitor’s brand terms.

4. Using our brand name on advertising is not allowed.

5. If publishers use Travelex brand name in their display URL, they will not receive commission.

6. If publishers directly link to Travelex website from search engines they will not receive commission.

Commission guidelines:

The transaction value on which commission is paid does not include:

  • VAT / sales tax
  • Delivery charges
  • Credit card fees

We do not pay commission on the following:

  • Travelex Money Card currency reloads
  • Cancelled orders
  • Invalid orders
  • Customer credit card failure
  • Breach of the terms of the program
  • Duplicate orders

Notice period is 7 days to notify you about:

  • Changes in commission rates
  • Updates on products

Affiliate types that we do not accept to our program include the following:

  • Behavior retargeting affiliates
  • Email affiliates
  • Media brokers

Creative assets guidelines

Affiliates are responsible for ensuring all details for Travelex products are correct at all times. Creatives used must be only be creatives featured via the Performance Horizon platform.

Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Performance Horizon platform in order to prevent out of date content, affiliates may not hardcode the creative into their sites.

All material that has not been provided by Travelex needs to be signed off in writing by the Travelex Team.


Travelex retains the right to:

  1. Remove publishers breaching our Terms and Conditions.
  1. Remove or reject websites that are not in line with our editorial guidelines and business strategy.

Black list









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