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Why Admitad?

Learn about the advantages that set Admitad apart from other CPA networks.


We work with over 770 000 publishers who own over 590 000 ad spaces. With Admitad, you will be advertising on one of the world's largest CPA networks, where over 4,000,000 click-throughs are made every 24 hours!

But it's not only the number of partners that matters. Their quality is important as well. We mercilessly ban dishonest publishers and give you the option to choose which partners and platforms you will work with and which traffic sources are acceptable to you.


We regularly organize trilateral meetings of top publishers, advertisers and Admitad managers where you can personally meet partners promoting your product, discuss exclusive terms and joint action plans, and even pique the interest of other major publishers who haven't joined your affiliate program yet.

The meetings are held as part of our unique, specialized events—Admitad Expert and Admitad Lounge, where all attendees can socialize in an informal setting.


Simply login to your Admitad account to view all of the statistics on total clicks, click-throughs and targeted actions performed by users on your website.

Access detailed information on users who were active on your website, including the exact time of their clicks or other actions, their IP-addresses and geographic locations, the system data of their computers, and even their screen resolution at the time.


And no extra costs. You pay only for specific actions performed by customers on your website, such as a loan application, purchase at an e-store, or a certain level achieved in an online game. All of these actions are logged by our system.

A period of time is allotted to process each action, allowing you to verify it before paying. For example, you can make sure the order was actually delivered and paid out.


We have been operating since 2009, being intimately acquainted with the CPA-market's establishment and growth. We cooperate with over 1 600 advertisers, including manу large companies and famous brands.

Alexander Bachmann, the founder and CEO of Admitad, has over 10 years' practical experience in affiliate marketing. He knows the industry inside out and gladly shares his experience with publishers and advertisers.

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