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Admitad GmbH was founded on October 1, 2009. Its first version took 7 months to develop and the system was officially launched on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market.

We cooperate with 1 591 advertisers worldwide, promoted by 675 237 publishers, with a total of 5 000 000 targeted visitors a day. Our monthly turnover growth is about 15-20%. We know the affiliate program segment inside out and are happy to share the latest insights on the key aspects of CPA marketing.

Admitad Events

Seven international e-commerce experts arrived in China to share their views on the global trends ( 七位国际电商专家来华分享,畅谈全球电商趋势与玩法 )

Yevgeniy Zhukov, Sales Director of admitad, visited China and made a report on the cross-border trade during the global CIFNews Conference on ecommerce.

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admitad India: Pre-eminent Network proffering Trilateral Affiliate Program

admitad India has been covered under the 10 Most Promising Affiliate Marketing Solution Providers - 2017 by SiliconIndia Magazine, a business and technology magazine.

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Interview with Alexander Bachmann, CEO, admitad

Alexander Bachmann speaks about the history of admitad, the most important trends in the global CPA industry, future developments and lifestyle in the Martech Interview Series with the leaders of the global Internet industry.

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Black Friday 2017: Volume of Publishers’ Commission Increased from $1,6M to $2,6M

According to admitad’s Study on Black Friday 2017, the Number of Purchases Compared to Black Friday 2016 Increased from 919,000 to About 1.3 Million Units in 2017. And, volume of Publishers’ Commission Increased from $1,6M to $2,6M

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admitad: Empowering the CPA Affiliate Network in Publishing and Advertising Industry

Advertisers are increasingly relying on the affiliate channel to broaden their brand exposure with relevant context. Today, the majority of publishers take this opportunity to complement their revenue with advertiser’s support that delights their targeted audience.

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In 2017 admitad platform will bring USD 500 000 000 to Chinese online malls

Admitad have calculated the amount attracted to Chinese business by sale in foreign markets through the affiliate program in Admitad. The sum comes up to USD 310 million within nine months in 2017. This is the total amount including more than 70 Chinese e-shops which place their offers through Admitad.

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Black Friday 2017 Trends and Strategy

Black Friday isn’t just a date on the calendar, but also a newsworthy event allowing retailers to increase sales with a well-prepared strategy. For publishers, it’s also a great way to increase income. admitad developed a WhitePaper with analytical data from Black Friday 2016. This article unveils the data from this document.

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Accelerating Affiliate Marketing

The ever increasing digital focus of businesses have slingshot growth of affiliate marketing in India even as the legacy markets including automobiles, realty, banking etc., strengthens focus towards it. Germany-based global affiliate network, Admitad, that forayed into India in November 2015 has already become one of the top three affiliate networks in the country, claims its Chief Executive Officer - NEHA KULWAL. Kulwal puts in perspective the significance of performance-based marketing.

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How Alexander Bachmann Turned $27 Into A 100 Million Dollar Business

Alexander Bachmann and admitad success story on Jeff Bullas blog.

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Adblock vs. Cost-Per-Action marketing: cooperation works better than conflict

Exploring the multi-faceted Adblock influence stakeholders need to consider in order to deliver meaningful results through the current advertising ecosystem.

Today, Adblock and other ad blockers are commonplace and indispensable components of the digital advertising industry. Blockers were created as a response to excessive advertisements on websites; they are specifically designed to prevent intrusive ads from displaying. But ad blockers shouldn’t be viewed as being inherently good or evil. In this article, we look at the many aspects of Adblock and its influence on internet advertising overall, particularly on CPA marketing and CPA tracking.

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