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Admitad GmbH was founded on October 1, 2009. Its first version took 7 months to develop and the system was officially launched on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market.

We cooperate with 1 687 advertisers worldwide, promoted by 773 254 publishers, with a total of 5 000 000 targeted visitors a day. Our monthly turnover growth is about 15-20%. We know the affiliate program segment inside out and are happy to share the latest insights on the key aspects of CPA marketing.

Admitad Events

Affiliate Marketing is at the core of Admitad: CEO Neha Kulwal

Referring to the future of affiliate marketing, Kulwal said, "Affiliate marketing constitutes to about 10-15 percent of the overall sales of any brand. Though a small percentage, its importance can be seen with own affiliate marketing programs." Further, she added, the business practices of Admitad and how Admitad standby with the concept of transparency by organizing events like Admitad Expert. 

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Affiliate Network Insider: Admitad

Admitad founder, Alexander Bachmann is interviewed by Affise for the Affiliate Network Insider article. This is a true story behind Admitad and a story about its leadership path in the affiliate marketing industry.

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Shortlist Unveiled for the Performance Marketing Awards 2018

Admitad is shortlisted for the peer-voted Industry Choice of Network for the Performance Marketing Awards 2018.

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3 Lessons Learned From Launching A Startup In India As A Foreigner

Alexander Bachmann explained how to set up business In India if you represent a foreign company.

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The martech week in review: News and announcements in marketing technology this week that you might have missed.

MarTech in Motion: Admitad launches Mobile SDK. The new solution facilitates integration and management of mobile offers by automatically detecting the advertiser’s application on a user’s smartphone without switching to the App Store/Google Play. The company says it can track and collect CPA statistics in the mobile applications of any advertiser.

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Chrome ad-blocker set to transform online advertising in India and globally

Chrome ad-blocker will have a significant impact on online advertising. As Alexander Bachmann explains, “Even with the ad-blocker software that many users have had for some time, many small publishers made money with the click-under and pop-under ads, which largely weren’t blocked. With the new ad-blocker, these advertising market players will start losing their conversions.”

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Chrome ad-blocker set to transform online advertising in February

For some online advertising publishers, pop-up ads, auto-playing videos, and other aggressive online advertisements are a tactical part of their livelihood. For most of us average users, however, they’re just a nuisance to be cursed and closed. So when Google announced in June of last year that Chrome – the Internet’s most popular web browser with a 44.5% market share – would begin featuring a built-in ad-blocker, for the majority of us it sounded like a dream come true. Alexander Bachmann, Admitad CEO, shares his professional view on this situation.

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TechWyse Interview with Alexander Bachmann

Alexander Bachmann's interview for the popular Internet Marketing platform TechWyse.

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Admitad India: Pre-eminent Network proffering Trilateral Affiliate Program

Admitad India has been covered under the 10 Most Promising Affiliate Marketing Solution Providers - 2017 by SiliconIndia Magazine, a business and technology magazine.

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Interview with Alexander Bachmann, CEO, admitad

Alexander Bachmann speaks about the history of Admitad, the most important trends in the global CPA industry, future developments and lifestyle in the Martech Interview Series with the leaders of the global Internet industry.

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