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Admitad GmbH was founded on October 1, 2009. Its first version took 7 months to develop and the system was officially launched on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market.

We cooperate with 1 597 advertisers worldwide, promoted by 675 957 publishers, with a total of 5 000 000 targeted visitors a day. Our monthly turnover growth is about 15-20%. We know the affiliate program segment inside out and are happy to share the latest insights on the key aspects of CPA marketing.

Admitad Events

Why Your Business Can’t Ignore Affiliate Marketing

Fabrizio Moreira reviewed the benefits of Affiliate Marketing in general, and admitad network in particular.  The author gave a forecast for the affiliate marketing industry  by 2020 and shared some key entrepreneurship lessons for affiliate marketers.

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Why Affiliate Networks Are So Important to Online Affiliate Marketing

The Enterpreneur contributor Toby Nwazor argues that in a dinamic digital world despite the fact that email marketing is still on top the affiliate-marketing sector has better chances to come on top and replace it there. As the writer noted,the successful example of this trend is Alexander Bachmann’s admitad, a known European affiliate network that has recently expanded aggressively into North America and Asia.

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admitad Review for Publishers from MonetizePros

This admitad review is a great example of genuine reviews MonetizePros does for many ad networks around the world to build transparency for publishers. 

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Win $30,000 cash with Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress

The blogger KJ Rocker has tested and reviewed the admitad network and the AliExpress Hot Summer Rally on his personal website and blog.

You are welcome to read and share your comments bellow the article.

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Make More Money with admitad CPA Affiliate Network

Boasting over 1,300 widely recognized international brands advertising on its network and more than half a million publishers promoting those offers, admitad proudly proclaims itself to be the best CPA affiliate network on the Internet today. 

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admitad AliExpress and the $30,000 Hot Summer Rally

The thing that really drives the success of affiliate marketing in general and any specific affiliate offer, in particular, is that it represents a win-win-win situation all around. 

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admitad Review : The Best CPA Network with highest paying Affiliate Programs

It started providing affiliate services since 2010 with a small office comprising of a small team f 10 employees and gradually grew as one of the most trusted affiliate networks with more than 100 employees working in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Germany and India too.

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Admitad GmbH Review: an global affiliate network to bring proved revenues

Uniting publishers and advertisers on the one platform admitad gives an entry to the global market to them, secures and increases their revenues and helps to optimize their marketing strategies with the help of various tools for both groups and a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud.

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European Affiliate Giant admitad to Expand into U.S. Markets as the Industry Braces for Changes

This year, the admitad lounge celebrated its fifth anniversary with its largest event yet: a private party held at Moscow’s Izvestiya Hall featuring over 1,500 invitees and several notable industry influencers.

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Western e-commerce companies see cross-border sales to Russia resume dramatically

Affiliate network Admitad noted that some of its western clients saw their revenue in the CPA channel grew substantially in 2016 — by 82% and 25% in the case of two apparel sites, according to Evan Johnson, Global Business Development.

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