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Admitad GmbH has been operating in the market since 2010. Throughout this period, we have grown from a small office with a staff of 10 to a large team of over 100 employees based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, India, Switzerland and Germany. Let us introduce ourselves.

Alexander Bachmann, Founder

Alexander Bachmann
Admitad GmbH Founder and CEO. Alexander has been working with the Internet since the age of 15. He started out by developing his own websites and ways to make money from them. Alexander soon become one of the Top 10 publishers in Germany, where he remained for several years.

Currently he develops tools for the Admitad affiliate network, gives consultations to advertisers and publishers on affiliate marketing, as well as on developing new business models for CPA marketing and the launch of related projects.

Many top Admitad publishers have received personal tips and advice from CEO himself, helping them to reach a net dollar profit in tens of thousands per month.

Alexander is a devoted fan of the Audi brand and the Mechta (Dream) Cafe in Moscow. Alexander Bachmann has just one hobby − his job. This is what he devotes all of his time to, including on weekends, holidays, and even rare vacation times.

Maxim Volokhov, Chief Products Officer

Maxim Volokhov
Co-founder, Head of Admitad Invest and new projects. He's been working with Information Technology since he was 14, taking part into different online projects and creating his own ones. His favorite topics are advertising technologies, e-commerce, content projects. He has a great UX and online marketing experience.

Maksim practices in-depth improvements of the system, searching potential directions of development. He supervises internal and joint projects of the company.

He spends his free time with family, sports and books.

Neha Kulwal, CEO admitad India

Neha Kulwal

Neha Kulwal has 6.5 years of Digital marketing experience and have been associated with Indian affiliate industry since the start. Prior to Admitad she has worked with Optimise for four years as Associate Director-Client servicing handling more than 180 merchants along with her team.

With her expertise and unrivalled knowledge of affiliate industry and her proactive nature to identify the requirements of clients and affiliates, she has achieved excellent growth across a variety or verticals. Prior to Optimise she has worked with Compare Infobase as website project manager for two years where she was taking care of websites and generating revenue.

She believes in continuous learning and adapting an innovative approach and is proficient in grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilizing them in a productive manner. She has initiated lot of projects in different verticals and have been successful in executing them in affiliate and mobile industry.