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Aside from the Affiliate Network, Admitad infrastructure hosts the Advertiser Marketplace, the in-house startup studio Admitad Projects, the GetUniQ ad management system, and the LetyShops service provider. We develop new means to drive sales and earn online, such as Admitad Cashback, ConvertSearch, ConvertLink, ConvertSocial, and Admitad Vendor Network.

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Admitad Report

Admitad Report is an annual report created for affiliate marketing specialists from Europe, Asia, America, and Middle East.

Admitad Invest

This is a fund that invests in outside online projects and provides them with comprehensive assistance, namely offers expertise and connections, accounting and judicial support, and (when needed) an office space. Admitad Invest also provides support to promising publishers. The fund provides grants and loans to both novice and experienced Admitad publishers to help them boost sales and earnings.

Admitad Academy

All that advertisers and publishers need to know for successful CPA marketing in affiliate networks


30 July 2021 News

Personal care industry in India witnessing a meteoric rise

The personal care industry has been on a quiet yet steady rise over the past few years. The industry has seen a rise in revenues and the entry of big brands in the market. Also, the shift in people’s attitude towards health is one of the prime reasons for the industry to witness the meteoric […]

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7 July 2021 News

Fortune of July: An E-commerce bonanza week

The shift in Indian consumers’ shopping is fast-changing, and the shift from offline shopping (visiting a shop and purchasing items) to online shopping (browsing through virtual catalogs and making purchases), has meant that many retailers are being forced to change or adapt.  One can expect a major shift in the shopping behavior of people with […]

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7 July 2021 News

Instant Pay — quick withdrawal to improve your cash flow

Time is money. The quicker you get your money, the quicker you can grow it. With this in mind, Admitad has created Instant Pay, a new tool for publishers that will allow you to withdraw earned funds within 24 hours, i.e., quicker than the advertiser pays the bill. How Instant Pay works You have brought […]

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