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Admitad was established in 2009 and currently, Admitad Affiliate Network serves over 2,000 advertisers and cooperates with over 800,000 publishers who brought more than 162 million target actions on Admitad customers’ websites in 2020 alone.

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  • 28 July 2021

    Sales Growth Of 3X In Online Education

    In the past year, sales of the online education sector both globally and in India have grown exponentially. We have observed that the trend continued in the first half of 2021 and is expected to grow even more in the next quarters of 2021. Indian clients have multiplied their spending on online education and adapted affiliate channels to increase their user base. The article includes the leading traffic types that contribute the most to online education affiliate programs.

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  • 19 July 2021

    4 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Online Education Platforms

    The EdTech sector has today proven that education and technology truly go hand in hand. In this article, we have highlighted some of the benefits of affiliate marketing that online education platforms should equip to pay only for the result while attracting customers.

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  • 28 June 2021

    Self-Care Sales in India increase by 166% as reported by Admitad Affiliate

    According to the Admitad Affiliate network, in the first half of 2021, the number of sales in this industry jumped by 166%, and the volume of purchases – by 16.3%. The general user interest in brands from this industry has also been growing. In India, the number of visits to such websites has increased by 611%, while worldwide – by 113%.

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  • 7 May 2021

    Affiliate marketing is about nurturing partnerships & How brands can leverage cross device tracking

    While talking with MediaBrief, Neha Kulwal, Country Manager India|Admitad Affiliate , highlights how brands can leverage cross-device tracking, its benefits, the pitfalls of tracking only one device, and the importance of collaborations between brands and publishers. And also the solution available in the market to overcome these challenges.

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  • 30 April 2021

    Why Fantasy Sports platforms are betting big on IPL 2021

    Neha Kulwal, Country Manager India- Admitad Affiliate Network has talked about the on-going trend- IPL season in the country and how fanatasy sports platforms investing in online ads and promotions to get people onboard.  She also added, Several promotions are now being run by these  platforms through affiliate marketing, it is proven to be one of the most effective means of generating maximum ROI, while contributing towards customer retention and acquisition through targeted advertising. An added advantage of affiliate marketing is the brands can determine how much to spend for each of the actions based on the customers and audiences they target, allowing them to design their spending based on their priorities.

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  • 28 April 2021

    Electronics major Acer India partners with Admitad for affiliate marketing

    Through the exclusive affiliate partnership with Admitad, Acer India aims to devise strategies for a seamless online campaign with their support by monitoring the quality and volume of traffic and transactions via Admitad. As a 100% performance-based business model, affiliate marketing allows brands to look at authentic traffic sources for one’s products, while facilitating an atmosphere conducive for targeted engagement and ROI.Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Acer India, said, “Having created the right brand value over these years, we have come to a juncture in our business where Acer online store has become a key sales channel for us serving our customers and partners with omni-channel experience. Admitad has garnered a reputation for delivering top-notch affiliate services to many market leaders across segments, and our exclusive association hopes to achieve the same for Acer.” 

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  • 9 February 2021

    Advertisers Generated INR 350Cr Via Admitad Affiliate Network

    The Indian arm of the globally renowned Admitad Affiliate Network, has experienced a phenomenal expansion of their business through the onboarding of online brands in 2020. The company facilitated INR 350 crores worth sales across various categories of advertisers, who capitalized on India’s move towards digital.

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  • 2 February 2021

    E-commerce To MarTech: Have We Entered The Next Phase Of The Digital Revolution?

    Neha Kulwal, Country Manager India share her opinion around online transformation in 2020, "Changes are observed also in the means adopted by customers, as they aren’t shying away from online shopping. From the initial months of the lockdown, people were confined to their homes, and this has impacted the shopping choices, giving brands across industries an opportunity to leverage e-commerce portals and other models like D2C."

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  • 1 February 2021

    Growth of performance marketing during 2020 and expectations from 2021

    "In the current times, brands which are entirely functional in the online space are not just concerned with brand awareness - they are also focused on getting performance driven results through their marketing activities. This is what is expected from performance marketing, wherein, the advertisers disburse money, based on the generation transactions or qualified leads by marketers. " said Neha Kulwal, Country Manager- Admitad India

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  • 20 December 2020

    New age Tools for digital platforms to optimise their revenue generation

    Digital marketing budgets of companies are receiving traction owing to the efficacy of online platforms. Products are marketed to reach larger audiences, thereby increasing sales by huge margins. Consequently, publishers need to utilize these tools to achieve better results and revenue. Through a compilation of five exquisite tools mentioned below, publishers can make the most of the current times.  

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  • 10 December 2020

    How affiliate marketing emerged as a key driver towards the success of D2C brands

    Neha Kulwal, Country Manager- Admitad India dives deep into the trend to gauge the impact of Performance-based D2C marketing enabled brands to thrive in a pandemic-affected economy.Affiliate and owned marketing channels have provided D2C businesses with a powerful strategy to overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. The efficacy and impact of leveraging these new-age marketing channels are obvious. As these brands continue to employ digital resources, even in the post-COVID world, we can expect them to drive ever-greater growth and scale – paving the way for their long-term success.

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  • 27 November 2020

    Admitad India drove sales worth Rs 17 crore during Diwali through Affiliate Marketing

    The Indian e-commerce industry is known for leveraging the increase in demand during the festival season by announcing seasonal sales, discounts and various offers for customers. In terms of orders across all categories, the net pre-Diwali orders through Admitad’s affiliate channels stood around 67,000 orders, whereas the festive period recorded almost 1,00,000 and sales worth INR 17 Crore. It indicates the extent to which festive season traffic has converted into sales on e-commerce platforms. The interesting trend being that cashback, social media links, email marketing, and coupon options accounted for the highest orders out of the lot. 

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