Tutu.ru Many GEOs Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 700 р.
    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks
  • CR 5.05%
    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.
  • CR for 48 hours 4.01%
    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.
  • Approval rate 96.00%
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.
  • Average hold time 20 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm or reject actions.
  • Average payment time 21 day
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm and pay for actions.

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Program Review

Why Admitad?

  • detail analytics and useful tools,
  • express withdrawal without fee,
  • enormous range of affiliate programs,
  • trusted by 625328 publishers,
  • and much more.

This affiliate program is a part of the Admitad affiliate network

In order to start cooperation with the program, first you need to register in the system.

Admitad Travel Fest participant - Tutu.ru Many GEOs affiliate campaign will grant a 20 000 RUB certificate to the most active content-affiliate. The use of the campaign's widget is necessary to participate. 

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Tutu.ru affiliate program!

Tutu.ru -  travel service №1 in Russia

Advantages for clients:

  • fast ticket purchase (6 min)
  • tickets' returning without any problem
  • convenient search on our site
  • 24/7 call center
  • tickets booking and buying without registration on the site
  • SMS notifications
  • Permanently renewed top directions 

Advantages for affiliates:

  • hold time- 30 days
  • compatible rewards
  • average order processing- 5 days 
  • special offers
  • over 13 500 000 visitors per month
  • acceptance rate 80%
  • widgets
  • Telegram channel with the most interesting news for affiliates https://tg.telepult.pro/dobroffer (https://t.me/dobroffer)

IMPORTANT: The rate for Paid ticket (railway ticket), bought through cashback-service is1,63%, not more than 390 rubs.

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General restrictions

  • It is forbidden to automatically switch to an advertiser's site in a minimized window.
  • It is not allowed to automatically open an additional window after going to an advertiser's site.
  • It is forbidden to use of trademarks not belonging to tutu.ru in order to attract customers/orders;
  • It is prohibited to use SEO optimization in order to attract brand traffic;
  • It is forbidden to create clones of the Internet site tutu.ru and (or) use an interface similar to the interface of the Internet site tutu.ru;
  • It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of tutu.ru and use the company's logo and company colors (everything that can confuse the user and indicate that this is an official group);
  • It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of other travel companies and put search forms or links to the site Tutu.Ru;
  • PopUp, ClickUnder, Toolbar, is forbidden
  • It is forbidden to place advertising on the Display Network (examples: RSA, CCM);
  • Contextual advertising is forbidden.

Forbidden keywords for PPC: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kABG5PQdsl3N-elzmdZXV2cCS3cNbP-mktK-uSsvLho/edit#gid=0

Restrictions on tariffs:

  • Railway ticket - 2,61% (not more than 391 rubles). IMPORTANT: The rate for Paid ticket (railway ticket), bought through cashback-service is1,63%, not more than 390 rubs.
  • Air ticket - 1,30% (not more than 650 rubles)
  • Tours -1.30% (not more than 325 rubles)
  • Bus tickets - 6.52% (not more than 391 rubles).

Doorway traffic

  • Do not use doorways with automatic redirect, so called "black" and "gray" doorways
  • It is forbidden to use second-level domains with the mention of the trademark tutu 
  • It is forbidden to completely copy the structure and design of the main site tutu.ru, so as not to mislead visitors


  • It is allowed only by individual agreement with the administration of an online store Tutu and admitad (you must write to support or to your manager before applying for work with an affiliate program)
  • It is prohibited to SPAM;
  • it is forbidden to allow illegal mass mailing through icq, social networks, mass placement of links, etc.
  • It is forbidden to do news on behalf of Tutu.ru;
  • Below email there should be a block which explains on the basis of what the client received this newsletter and how he can unsubscribe from it.

Advantages for webmasters:

  • 30 days hold
  • Average order processing is 5 days
  • Holding of shares, provision of coupons and promotional codes
  • Over 13 500 000 visitors per month
  • Percentage of acceptance of 80%
  • Widgets

Last changed 29.10.2018

Traffic Sources

Is it allowed to create public groups on behalf of the Advertiser? Forbidden


Cashback Allowed
PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
SEM Forbidden
Doorway pages Allowed
E-Mail-Marketing Needs approval
Brand-Bidding Forbidden
Incentive Needs approval
Toolbar Forbidden
Adult Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks Allowed
YouTube Channel Forbidden

Last changed 04.09.2018

Paid order (Air ticket)

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Paid order (Autobus ticket)

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Paid order (Railway ticket)

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Paid order (Tour)

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