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  • EPC 263 р.
    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks
  • CR 0.72%
    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.
  • CR for 48 hours 0.00%
    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.
  • Approval rate 85.00%
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie lifetime 60 days
    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.
  • Avg. hold time 34 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm or reject actions.
  • Average payment time 34 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm and pay for actions.

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"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for Aliexpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website, so that a users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help center.

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  • detail analytics and useful tools,
  • express payment without fee,
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  • trusted by 663514 publishers,
  • and much more.

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О компании

BQ - молодой российский бренд мобильной электроники. Мы выпускаем товары в доступном ценовом сегменте.  У нас вы можете найти функциональные современные планшеты, яркие и удобные мобильные телефоны, а также портативную технику и аксессуары к нашей продукции. Полный ассортимент продукции представлен на сайте


Портрет целевой аудитории

Наша целевая аудитория - жители РФ в возрасте от 40 до 60 лет: мужчины - 70%, женщины 30%


Преимущества для покупателей

- Официальный интернет-магазин бренда

- Полный ассортимент и широкий выбор продукции BQ

- Высокое качество и доступные цены на электронику

- Гарантийное и послегарантийное сервисное обслуживание

- Бесплатная доставка по России при заказе от 3000 рублей

- Регулярные скидки, акции на сайте


Преимущества для партнеров

- Официальный интернет-магазин бренда

- Прямые контакты с брендом

- Высокий % комиссии

- Высокая конверсия посетителей в покупателей



BQS-5502 Hammer

BQM-1826 Cairo+

BQM-4040 Hofu

BQS-5020 Strike

BQS-5011 Monte Carlo

 BQS-3503 Bombay

BQS-3501 Delhi II

BQS-5002 Colombo

BQS-5055 Turbo Plus

BQS-5009 Sydney

BQS-5007 Rimini

BQS-5006 Los Angeles

BQS-5003 Colombo II

BQS-4550 Richmond

BQS-4503 Dubai

BQM-1828 One

BQS-4560 Golf

BQM-3502 Mito

BQM-2456 Orlando

BQM-1404 Beijing

BQM-1403 Capri

BQM-2803 Munich

BQM-2802 Kyoto

BQM-2424 Nikko

BQM-2403 Orlando II

BQM-2001 Sofia

BQM-1820 Barcelona

BQM-1815 Toronto

BQM-1803 Dakar

BQM-1801 Bangkok

BQM-1577 Phantom

BQM-1406 Vitre Gold

BQM-1406 Vitre

BQM–2859 Dallas

BQM-2406 Toledo

BQM-1565 Hong Kong

BQM-2000 Baden - Baden

BQM-2267 Nokianvirta

BQM-2267 Nokianvirta Gold

BQM-2408 Mexico

BQM-1818 Dublin

BQM-1816 Luxembourg

BQM-2401 Luxor

BQM-2204 Marseille

BQM-1804 Cairo

BQM-1802 Arlon

BQM-1405 Phoenix

BQM-1402 Lyon Red

BQM-1402 Lyon

BQM-1401 Monza

BQM-1822 Ferrara

BQM-2601 Las Vegas

BQM-2606 Cupertino

BQM-1822 Ferrara Gold

BQM-2410 Denver II

BQM -2459 Dallas Mini

BQM-2400 Taipei

BQM-3200 Berlin

BQD-2051 Rome

BQM–2451 Denver

BQM–2420F New York

BQS-4004 Dusseldorf

BQS-4009 Orleans

BQS-4505 Santiago

BQS-5505 Amsterdam

BQS-4555 Turbo

BQS-4707 Montreal

BQS-5004 Paris

BQS-5010 Prague

BQS-5501 Kawasaki

BQS-4525 Vienna

BQS-4001 Oxford

BQS-4008 Shanghai

BQS-4010 Aspen

BQ-VR 001 Avatar


BQ-R001 Novella

BQ-P006 RE

BQ-P005 DO#

BQS-5025 HighWay

BQS-4570 Drive

BQS-4504  Nice

BQS-5030 Fresh

BQS-5030 Fresh Plastic case

BQ-R002 Poem

BQS-4800 Blade

BQS-5515 Wide

BQS-5040 Force

BQS-5045 Fast

BQS-5070 Magic

BQS-5520 Mercury

Sport Bracelet BQ-W009

BQS-5050 Strike Selfie

BQM-2300 Comfort

BQM-1831 Step+

BQM-2800 Alexandria

BQM-1830 Step

Планшет BQ-1053L Helion

BQ-7010G Max

BQS-5065 Choice

BQM-1410 Flower

BQM-1831 Step+

BQ-5022 Bond

BQ-5032 Element

BQ-5071 Belief

BQ-6050 Jumbo

BQ-7021G Hit

BQ-7021G Hit

7021G Hit

BQS-5060 Slim

BQ-1800 Respect

BQ-1054L Nexion

BQ-5052 Sense

BQ-4026 UP!

BQS-5020 Strike SE

BQ-7022G Canion

BQ-5059 Strike Power

BQ-5057 Strike 2

BQ-5058 Strike Power Easy

BQ-5020 Strike Brushed Metal

BQ-2405 Dream

BQM-1828 One Red

BQ-4526 Fox

BQ-5082 Sense 2

BQ-5037 Strike Power 4G

BQ-4526 Fox Plastic case

BQ-2431 Step L+

BQ-3201 Option

BQ-5033 Shark

BQ-2831 Step XL+

BQ-5037 Strike Power 4G

BQ-5201 Space

BQ-5202 Space Lite

BQ-2411 Swift L

BQ-1810 Pixel

BQ-5044 Strike LTE

BQ-5202 Space Lite Plastic case

BQ-5201 Space Plastic case

BQ-5203 Vision Plastic case

BQ-2428 Tank

BQ-2052 Point

BQ-2427 BOOM L


BQ-5203 Vision

BQ-5058 Strike Power Easy SE

BQ-5510 Strike Power Max 4G

BQ-5503 Nice 2

BQ-4072 Strike Mini

BQ-2811 Swift XL

BQ-5590 Spring

BQ-2412 Quattro

BQ-4500L Fox LTE

BQ-5000L Trend

BQ-5504 Strike Selfie Max

BQ-2806 Energy XL

BQ-1057L Passion

BQ-2425 Charger

BQ-5054 Crystal

BQ-1840 Energy

BQ-2426 Energy L

BQ-4028 UP!

BQ-5521 Strike Power Max

BQ-5035 Velvet

BQ-5204 Strike Selfie

BQ-7082G Armor

BQ-7081G Charm

BQ-2002 Trust

BQ-4583 Fox Power

BQ-7083G Light

BQ-1081G Grace

BQ-1805 Step

BQ-1056L Exion

BQ-1807 Step +

BQ-5525 Practic

BQ-5700L Space X

BQ-5522 Next

BQ-6000L Aurora

BQ-5500L Advance

BQ-6000L Aurora

BQ-2430 Tank Power

BQ-5591 Jeans

BQ-5005L Intense

BQ-5003L Shark Pro

BQ-5594 Strike Power Max

BQ-4585 Fox View

BQ-1842 Tank mini

BQ-5508L Next LTE

BQ-1411 Nano

BQ-5500L Advance Spartak Edition

BQ-5007L Iron

BQ-5507L Iron Max

BQ-5009L Trend

BQ-5012L Rich

BQ-8041L Art

BQ-2433 Dream DUO

BQ-6000L Aurora

BQ-5340 Choice

BQ-5211 Strike


BQ-5701L Slim

BQ-5008L Brave

BQ 5209L Strike LTE

BQ-5206L Balance

BQ-5001L Contact

BQ-6015L Universe

BQ-4077 Shark Mini

BQ 5511L Bliss

BQ 5707G Next Music

BQ-5056 Fresh

BQ-5515L Fast

BQ-5702 Spring

BQ-5516L Twin

BQ-2429 Touch

BQ-2205 Ruffe

BQ-1841 Play

BQ-2807 Wonder

BQ-2441 Comfort

BQ-1414 Start Plus

BQ-1414 Start+

BQ-1844 One

BQ-1845 One+

BQ-1413 Start

BQ-2442 One L+

BQ-2808 Telly

BQ-2434 Sharky

BQ-1851 Respect

BQ-7084G Simple

BQ-1082G Armor PRO

BQ-1083G Armor PRO PLUS

BQ-1077L Armor PRO LTE

BQ-5301 Strike View

BQ-5517L Twin Pro

BQ-5517L Twin Pro

BQ-5517L Twin Pro

BQ-6016L Mercury

BQ-5512L Strike Forward

BQ-2437 Daze

BQ-5000G Velvet Easy

BQ-4501G Fox Easy

BQ-6200L Aurora

BQ-6200L Aurora

BQ-6200L Aurora

BQ-5300G Velvet View

BQ-2809 Fantasy

BQ-5520L Silk

BQ-5002G Fun

BQ-2812 Quattro Power


BQ-5015L First

BQ-2435 Slide

Last changes were recorded on 12.12.2018

Traffic Sources


Is it allowed to guide immediate search engine traffic directly to the Advertiser’s website without using an intermediary website? Allowed
Is it allowed to use the advertiser’s company name as an ad keyword? (# brand_name) Forbidden
Is it allowed to display a contextual advertisement if the user has mistyped the Advertiser’s company name? (# brand_namr) Forbidden
Is it allowed to display a contextual advertisement if the user has specified the Advertiser’s company name and an additional word? (# brand_name_promo) Forbidden
Is it allowed to use the Advertiser’s company name in the header or copy of an advertisement? Forbidden
Is it allowed to use the Advertiser’s company name in the link? (# Forbidden
Is contextual advertising allowed on Google? Forbidden
Is contextual advertising allowed on Yandex? Forbidden
Is contextual advertising allowed on Begun? Allowed


Cashback Allowed
PopUp / ClickUnder Allowed
Doorway pages Allowed
Email Marketing Allowed
Brand bidding Forbidden
Social Media Allowed
Incentive Allowed
Toolbar Allowed
Adult Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks Allowed
YouTube Channel Allowed

Last changes were recorded on 06.06.2018

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