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Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising is a tool for attracting target traffic via contextual ads in search results, as well as on Google Display Network and Yandex Advertising Network websites. A contextual ad is seen by users when they search for items covered by offers to which you are affiliated in Admitad.

An ad is perceived by the user as a response to a search query, helping to find the product/service the user needs. Even if only one out of a million users is looking for a specific product, contextual advertising will show  the offer.

Required tools

  • Deeplink Generator: generates affiliate links that lead the user directly to the required page on the advertiser's site. For example, if your ad is displayed for the query "buy sneakers", you will be able to generate a Deeplink directly to the "Running Shoes" section of the e-store cooperating with you.
  • SubID: mark links in your ads with SubID parameters to tell which ads are effective and which aren't when analyzing the reports. For example, if you have multiple ads with different texts for a single query, assign them various SubID values and see which one attracts the most users.
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