Eleve Life BR

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  • EPC 12$
  • Approval rate 83.1%
  • Cookie lifetime 15 dni
  • CR 0.4%
  • Avg. hold time 37 dni
  • Average payment time 46 dni

Program information

Eleve Life has developed a complete line of natural products for care in all directions.
Innovative products for HAIR, DISPOSITION, SLIMMING, and HEALTH.

Customer benefits:

  • Promote quality of life, health, and well-being;
  • KITs of discounted products;
  • Discount coupon;
  • Delivery throughout BR;

Benefits to publishers:

  • Best commission on the market;
  • Frequently updated materials;
  • Unique opportunities;
  • Discount coupons, banners, and deep links;
  • Quick return to requests

Negative keywords: You must not use the terms of our trademark ans products, ie: Eleve, Eleve Life, Eleve cite, Eleve hair, etc.

Apply now! And also "Eleve" your earnings.

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