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Program information

Fitness First is a high quality and modern fitness service provider in Germany.

In around 60 clubs in Germany, members find numerous training and course offers as well as a wellness area. An additional highlight is the free childcare, outdoor training and swimming pools in many clubs.


The advantages for your users:

At Fitness First, your individual goals and needs come first!

Would you like support with your training? - No problem! At the start and every six months thereafter, you will receive a trainer appointment including a training plan.
Don't you like to train alone? - Bring a friend with you to practice every Friday for free or take part in one of the many courses!
You are student? - Book the student tariff and Fitness First gives you 10 € per month on your membership fee.
Do you like to train before 4 p.m. during the week, but want to be flexible on the weekend? Use the Daytime Pass and save € 10 a month.
Your advantages as a publisher of Fitness First:

Benefit from the brand awareness of Fitness First
Receive € 15 for each valid trial training session
Receive 3.8% commission on the conclusion of a valid Fitness First membership
Use high-performance advertising media

Sample calculation of how the commission can be calculated from a valid sale:

(In this example, the user concludes a membership for 2 years at the normal tariff)


Contribution: € 10.5 per week

Number of weeks: 104 weeks

Total: 1092 €

Less tax (18.05%): € 207.48

Total: € 884.52


But let's assume you have an idea how you can make Fitness First even more prominent and / or creative, you will receive 5.7%!

That means, based on the example, your commission is then € 53.07!

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