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Travel experts from various tour operator and sales brands united under one roof.

7.1 million guests from 14 European countries travel each year to 179 travel countries around the world with the organizers of DER Touristik. This makes DER Touristik one of the leading tourism groups in German-speaking countries and offers an attractive, varied and extensive range under one roof with the tour operator brands ITS and JAHN REISEN.

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ITS - Welcome to vacation

The package tour operator ITS offers beach holidays and road trips for families and couples. Family-friendly accommodation in the 4-star segment, discounts for children, childcare and numerous offers for singles and children guarantee holiday fun for young and old. There are destinations to choose from in the most popular holiday regions around the Mediterranean and Black Sea, in the mountains, at European bathing lakes and at the North and Baltic Seas. ITS vacations are available for those arriving by plane or by car - all under the current slogan "Welcome to vacation"

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As a publisher, you can benefit from DER Touristik's many years of experience, the high-quality offers and the variety of products offered by the individual tour operators.

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