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Informacje o Programie Partnerskim w Polska

Tourly, a three-sided (providers, customers and affiliates/resellers) eCommerce marketplace for tours and activities. We solve a long-lasting transparency and logistical problem in this sector by replacing traditional cash-in-hand bookings with a secure and automated booking process. Moreover, we offer tour and activity providers a new sales channel by including resellers and affiliates in the platform. In particular, rental accommodation hosts and serviced accommodation management companies can earn commissions for all bookings made originating from their establishments. Furthermore, they actively promote our providers' listings with their clients, give recommendations and guide them in using our platform to complete bookings. Tourly provides affiliates and resellers with the digital and physical tools to actively promote tours and activities on offer, effectively acting as sales agents for registered tour operators. Our hybrid approach of face-to-face marketing and customer relationship, with an online eCommerce platform, gives customers high-quality personalised service and the security and flexibility of an online booking experience. We are initially covering Madeira Island activities but have started to expand to Lisbon and other areas of mainland Portugal. Our ambition is to expand worldwide and compete with Viator, AirBnb Experiences, etc.

Admitad is a German IT company headquartered in Heilbronn that develops and invests in services for media buying, increasing sales and attracting customers through online advertising, traffic and content monetization and earnings using a single platform.
Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
Founder Alexander Bachmann