Bandagenspezialist DE

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  • EPC 27$
  • Approval rate 86.4%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 dias
  • CR 7.6%
  • Avg. hold time 53 dias
  • Average payment time 60 dias

Program information is part of Podobrace B.V. A company that, since it was founded, has grown into one of the leading online retailers in the sports medicine and sports protection segment in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With tens of thousands of orders from all over Europe every year, Podobrace B.V. made a name for itself in terms of service, reliability, fast delivery, quality and competence.

This outstanding quality and competence has been developed in two practices for physiotherapy in Volendam (Netherlands). Where Rob Duin (one of the Podobrace founders), along with fellow professionals, have been treating patients with a variety of physical ailments for over 30 years.

Admitad is a German IT company headquartered in Heilbronn that develops and invests in services for media buying, increasing sales and attracting customers through online advertising, traffic and content monetization and earnings using a single platform.
Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
Founder Alexander Bachmann