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Liebeskind DE Affiliate Program
Bags, shoes, belts and accessories made of fine, natural leather in casual looks make LIEBESKIND Berlin one of the most sought-after fashion brands.

LIEBESKIND BERLIN is the Berlin Bag Brand - inspired by our city, changeability and multifunctionality characterize our collections, in which uncomplicated handling and sophisticated design come together. Creating daily companions for a city full of contrasts is both inspiration and a challenge for us.
If you want, you can find the right LIEBESKIND BERLIN bag for every occasion - or master every day with just one. Our expertise lies in developing designs that charmingly reflect the zeitgeist and yet remain timeless. As a muse, Berlin is not only a source of inspiration, but also the home and location of the headquarters.

Products and target group:

Bags, Small Leather Gadgets, Watches and Accessories
Products made from real leather with organic cotton as an inner lining
Classics and bestsellers: Alita Backpack, Luka Crossbody, crocodile look
Target group: Modern, independent women who put quality before quantity
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And your customers will benefit from:

An appealing and high quality product presentation
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Free returns within 14 days
Common general actions:

general shop promotions with up to 60% discount on selected items
Sale on Sale: Extra discount on items that have already been reduced

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