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Program information

PflegeBox is an offer from the proSenio GmbH group of companies. With its professional range of services, the company is aimed at around 1.8 million people in need of care at home and their relatives, making it a reliable partner for over 1,000 care services and consultants.

With the PflegeBox, people in need of care receive aids to use, which are paid for monthly by the care insurance. These products are used in home care to ensure everyday hygiene.

Our product & service

Persons in need of care receive care aids for consumption free of charge, such as disinfectants, gloves, face masks, bed protection inserts, protective aprons, bibs and, if desired, finger cots. On request, patients can receive, for example, reusable bed protection pads or bibs.

We are Germany's leading all-round service for the home supply of care aids.

Customer Benefits:

  • Care box worth 40 euros takes over care fund
  • Prescription and co-payment free
  • No contract
  • Personal advice

Your advantages:

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