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We are an independent energy supplier that shows the way to a common energy future with trend-setting energy products. We offer Really Green Electricity and Really Green Gas, each made from 100% renewable energies, as well as regional and global solutions for decentralized energy supply. Really Green Electricity and Really Green Gas from Polarstern are certified by TÜV Nord and the Green Electricity Label. The magazine ÖKO-TEST rated “Really Green” “Very Good” for the seventh time in a row in the large Green Electricity Comparison 2021. Robin Wood and other experts also recommend Polarstern as one of the few electricity suppliers that operate independently of coal and nuclear companies and invest in the expansion of renewable energy sources. Here you can find out more about all seals and recommendations from Polarstern. Of course, all special tariffs from Polarstern are also based on 100% sustainable green electricity. Whether it's heat pumps, HT-NT meters or night storage heaters, we always have the right tariff with really clean electricity.

Our two car electricity tariffs are aimed at all electric car drivers who want to drive in a really climate-friendly way with 100% real green electricity. In addition, Polarstern also buys the GHG quotas from e-car drivers. The proceeds of EUR 255 are rounded up to a GHG benefit of EUR 300 by an energy transition donation from Polarstern.

With every new customer, we help families in Cambodia and Madagascar gain access to clean energy. Because the energy transition is only really effective if it happens worldwide. In addition, we at Polarstern were the first energy supplier to draw up a balance sheet for the common good in 2016, because consistent sustainable management is important to us.

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