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Earn 12% commissions on Relax Sauna's unique far infrared products. Our saunas and medical grade far infrared lamps feature patented generators found only in Relax Sauna products. These power generators (1500 watts in the case of the sauna) put out a frequency of far infrared which resonates with the water molecules of the body, thus increasing core temperature fast. Our saunas heat up in seconds as compared to 10-15 minutes for other saunas. This allows people to get a full sweat in half the time. Our high quality saunas sell themselves as people who try them tell the people they know. Many people have shared their experiences with us, we have over 600 testimonial videos on YouTube and over 100 verified client reviews on our website. The benefits of sauna use are so widespread that it is a device which everyone should have in their home. Join our team to share this life changing technology with the World.

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