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Program information

At all times, consulting a clairvoyant was like a solution when the path got too dark... but we hid from it.

Now, these experts are the new wellness coaches. When you need to resolve a situation, find appeasement, decode a relationship, it becomes a reflex to consult a medium. This one intervenes, with empathy, benevolence and without complacency, like an intuitive coach, almost a therapist of the soul, who accompanies in the quest for the keys of our life and connects us to our extra-sensoriality.

Who is Wengo?

15 years ago, Wengo created a remote consultation platform; Today Wengo is the European leader in online clairvoyance and well-being coaching.

The experts proposed on the platform have been duly selected following a proven process. They are evaluated by their customers and supported on a daily basis by our teams to offer an exceptional experience to our customers.

We operate the platform from start to finish, which allows us to control the quality of service and the conversion chain.

Customers have a wealth of options for an experience tailored to their needs. In particular, they choose: the specialty / support support, the consultation channel (live by phone or chat, asynchronous by text messaging or voice) and the expert via quantitative elements (% satisfaction, number of consultations, years of experience) or qualitative (video, opinion, journey, etc.)

Already more than 7 million consultations with more than 3600 experts have been carried out in 14 countries. 99% of customers are satisfied. The thousands of customer reviews testify to the incredible experience offered by our mediums and the relevance of their support.

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