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Program information

You Garden is one of the UK’s leading online gardening specialists, brining great quality, advice and prices to your door.

At You Garden we firmly believe that Gardening is for Everyone! That's right; you do not even need a garden to get growing. Many of our plants can be grown on balconies, small patios and decking, so you can catch the growing bug, and even grow your own freshest fruit and vegetables too. We speak in plain English. Sometimes gardening can be a confusing maze of latin names and strange words and can be confusing or off-putting - we simplify all and remove all the jargon, and give you down to earth advice on what to grow - and how! We will show you how to get success from our products through our videos and care instructions. We have only chosen plants that are easy to grow and will give successful results with a minimum of experience. From the thousands of plants available, we have picked those that really work and perform. We have done the sifting and choosing for you, to bring you the best.

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PPC Policy:- Bidding on brand terms is not allowed - including variations, domain names and misspellings, unless You Garden gives explicit approval. Any affiliates found breaching any of these terms will have sales rejected and risk removal from the programme

Discount Code Policy:- Using promotional codes including discount code is not allowed, unless issued by Optimus Performance Marketing or Admitad. You Garden reserve the right to cancel sales made by codes not issued by Optimus Performance Marketing or Admitad.

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