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Coupons & Deals

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Coupons, discounts and deals are a popular tool used by advertisers to enhance consumers' purchasing power. By presenting lucrative offers, they sell more products, get rid of last year's stock, and increase the average bill amount. Most e-stores can profit by offering large discounts to retain a high turnover rate, that is, by offering special coupons to Admitad publishers. The publishers will, in turn, attract the target audience to the e-stores. A coupon site is a great way to do this. Admitad lets you upload coupons & deals to your coupon site automatically from all the advertisers cooperating with you.

Let's take a closer look at Admitad coupon:

One affiliate program can have many different coupons and deals with various conditions. For each store, coupon sites usually have a separate page where its coupons are posted. This page is optimized for specific search queries, such as "MEXX coupons" or "MEXX promo codes", to get the targeted traffic from search engines.

In addition, we recommend using e-mail marketing, that is, posting an e-mail address collection form on the website pages so your coupon website visitors can subscribe to coupon upgrades and you can send them the latest coupon offers from e-shops on a regular basis.

Required tools

  • The Coupons & Deals section will give you instant access to over 1,400 valid deals and promo codes that end users can redeem at e-stores.
    All coupons can be exported in CSV/XML formats and with API for publishing them on your website.
  • Use the SubID tool to tell exactly which coupons are making you money.
  • Use the Deeplink Generator to direct users to the required page on the advertiser's site, for example, the sellout page.

Examples of coupon sites

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