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  • EPC 16$
  • Approval rate 100%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 11.3%
  • Avg. hold time 47 days
  • Average payment time 50 days

Program information

easyHotel is a super budget hotel chain with an exciting and unique product like no other hotel company.  

easyHotel is a United Kingdom-based owner, developer, operator and franchisor of branded hotels.  easyHotel has 41 hotels across UK and Europe. Locations include, Old Street (London), Glasgow (Scotland), Croydon (England), Bulgaria (Sofia), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Hungary (Budapest), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague), Brussels (Belgium) Switzerland (Basel, Zurich), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the United Kingdom (Edinburgh, London Central and Heathrow, and Luton). 

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in our affiliate program and benefit from the phenomenal growth that the company is experiencing. 

The Affiliate Programme and Commissions

  • Our program is simple but effective one that continues to grow, sign up today to benefit from 0.94% commission, payable on all confirmed sales and support from a dedicated account management team.
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